The Neural Network GUI

As a novice in neural network domain I needed an easy to use interface to design an test various neural networks.
I made a graphical interface as a .NET user control so that it can be reusable in various applications.
I'll present this interface on this page.

Here is the main panel of the interface, this is class NeuralNetworkEditor.
It is this panel that can be use in various context to let the user design a neural network.

The top of the panel is about network structure, we can see here 3 layers of neurons. By clicking on a particular layer we can edit layer property.

Under this table we can ajust neuron properties for all network (activation function of each neuron and weights randomization)

The next panel is about learning, at the moment two algorithms are implented, we can choose which one we want to use and ajust it's parameters.

At the bottom of the panel we have the ability to perform new, load and save operation on Neural Network.

Let's see now the frame we can use to design layer properties :

This frame can be use to view layer properties, to view or randomize neurons values and to specify activation function for neurons of the layer.

This frame let you choose activation function for neurons.

At the moment 4 activation function are available.


The "new neural network" frame let you create your own struture of neural network.

You can download this user control on the download page.
If you have any comment mail me.

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