Neural Network Demo


Here is a few demo on what we can do with neural networks (these are very simple example, I hope I'll have time to make more interesting applications).

In the first demo we want the neural network to learn a function from points :

How to use this demo :
First you must define the points of function to learn, that is done by cliking in the white aera then randomize the neural network and click on learn button several times to train the neural network. You can the try with various networks using diferent learning algorithms.

The second demo try to seperate two classes of points (blues and reds) :

How to use this demo :
First draw the points (reds with left-button and blues with right-button) an then train the neural network. As usual you can tweak the neural network as you like.

You can download source code an binaries of those demo on the download page.


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